The Danger of Routine Procedures

Today on Progressive Parenting my guest Lisa Gartin and I discussed unnecessary procedures after the baby is born. Oft times much energy is spent in hospital childbirth education classes on the actual birth, that very little time is spent on what’s next. We went over what is typical at most hospitals. Bulb Suctioning, Bathing, immediate Cord Clamping, Separation of  Mother and Baby, Circumcision and more. We talked about how these things affect the baby for years to come and the affects of the mother. Most importantly we discussed how you can avoid the things you want. In the next month or so you will be able to download this show, until then this recording is available for $2.00 (+ postage) call 559-930-2032 to order a copy.

Here is a video to enlighten you on some routine procedures that may do more harm than good


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