I am a Back Up Doula in Fresno

I received a text  this last Monday afternoon, “GENA, AM AT WORK COUPLE IN LABOR ALREADY AT HOSPITAL CAN YOU CALL AND TALK TO THEM AND COVER?” Yes, yes I could call and yes I could cover. People often ask how women who have jobs  perform Doula duties? Well, like anything else in life we operate better and easier with support. I am a back-up for a dear friend of mine, she is such an excellent Doula that I am very conscious to provide the same care that she would provide.

I arrived at the hospital at 2:30, her client was at 5cm [dilated]and 100%[effaced]. By the time I left she was 9cm [dialed]. My friend came in [as she had just left work], and after saying my good byes I left. Her client was cared for by her husband and myself and was never, at any point, alone.

Some of my clients have expressed concern about the possibility that I may have use of a back-up. I have yet to use one, but I think it’s wise to have one in place, in the case of an emergency. I would prefer my client be supported until I can reach her than alone or feeling abandoned during her labor. As Doulas we take who we choose to partner with very seriously and generally pick a partner with similar ideals and approach to birth as us. I treat her clients with the same tenderness respect and awe as I do my own.

I was honored to be part of this strong and beautiful moms labor and I hope I can have my sister Doula’s back again soon! Thanks for trusting me and allowing me to help you when you need it most!


One response to “I am a Back Up Doula in Fresno

  1. We need our sisters! Yes , this lady was 9cm when I arrived and was still the next day! – I needed the help of 2 of my Doula sisters that day! My clients were well attended and very happy with their birth.Having 3 energetic Doulas with ideas that are alert and compassionate are far better then one brain dead wore out Doula ANY day. If you choose your back up well and mentor them well, you can ask for help when you need it and know in your heart that your clients had the best care possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my sisters!!!!

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