Waiting On Birth in Austin, or Anywhere…

The idea of waiting is an interesting one. What does it really mean? I was a waitress for over 20 years, which I believe makes me perfectly trained to be a Doula. Doulas wait on their clients, just like I did at four and three star restaurants. We anticipate the clients needs, we think nothing of going the extra mile to please our client. We bring them what they ask for, we offer things they didn’t know they wanted till we suggest them. We serve our client because we want to, not because we have to. We wait on them, not wait for them. Recently, one of my clients status updates was;

I feel like a library book: Overdue”

The birthing culture we live in lends to this, my hope is pregnant women will only look forward to being waited ON as opposed to waiting for their due date to happen.



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