Cesarean Section Live!

Wow! I had only seen C sections on videos, today was the first  had ever been at. My client had a planned c-section for her own personal reasons. After her baby was born I had the pleasure of sitting with this smart, funny and very strong woman. I tried not to look but found myself fascinated with what happens after the baby is taken out. I had been afraid I might faint, surgery is NOT my thing. My client, felt discomfort at times, which surprised and concerned me. The surgeons assured me that it was normal. So we did the same breathing we had done practicing for birth. It really worked and the Docs were nice and commented how they never saw “Lamaze” used in the O.R. Ha!

Speaking of the docs, they were very convivial. They joked and whenever my client would complain the head surgeon blamed it on his colleague. Personally I wish they wouldn’t have been joking, but that’s just me. It took about 30 minutes then my client was moved to recovery. She was shaking uncontrollably and I reassured her that it was normal and covered her with blankets and touched her face and hair. She and I talked a great deal about how pretty her baby was, and about her plans as a new mom. The staff was kind enough to let me stay with my client till her baby was brought in to her 40 minutes later. I am grateful to the doctor and staff at Saint Agnes for being compassionate to my client and allowing me to offer her support when she needed it the most.


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