Informed Choice, Do You Know What Your Rights Are?

Informed Choice, what does it mean to you as a PARENT? It means knowing what your rights and choices are. It means knowing how best to protect your baby and yourself. It means your ability to advocate for your baby, who desperately needs you to.

Find out about Informed Choice by listening to this informative episode of PROGRESSIVE PARENTING with Marsden Wagner and Lisa Gartin RN

More FYI:Birth can be a vulnerable place for many new parents. Our guests today emphasise the importance of independent childbirth education. Informed choice, is the best way to advocate for your health and safety and your babies well being as well.

Marsden Wagner BIO:

born in San Francisco, his education at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) included an M.D., clinical specialty training in pediatrics, then in perinatology (neonatology and obstetrics) followed by two years post-graduate study with an advanced scientific degree in perinatal science. Following several years of full time clinical practice and some years as a full time faculty member at UCLA, he was a Director of Maternal and Child Health for the California State Health Department. After six years as Director of the University of Copenhagen-UCLA Health Research Center, he was for 15 years Director of Womens and Childrens Health for the World Health Organization. He is now an independent consultant.

With extensive experience in maternity care in industrialized countries, including midwifery and the appropriate use of technology during pregnancy and birth, he has consulted and lectured in over 50 countries and given testimony before the US Congress, British Parliament, French National Assembly, Italian Parliament, Russian Parliament and others. His publications, in 11 different languages, include 131 scientific papers, 20 book chapters and 14 books.

LISA GARTIN : Lisa Gartin is a pediatric nurse, a Lamaze and lactation educator, a Birth Doula, a mentor,a Lactivist,and an active member of our local Birth scene. She loves leading families on their journey to discovery and feels very blessed each time she is invited into their lives. This isn’t a job, it is a calling, and she is thankful that she was called. Make sure you visit her website, for more on her services and to visit for more on the Birth scene of the Central Valley.


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