Dinner with the Doulas

I am blessed and lucky enough to travel all over the world sharing the wisdom of the rebozo and teaching Advanced Doula Trainings. While traveling I get to meet and hang out with amazing women from the birth world. I ask women what’s going on in their world, I ask what things are like birth-wise where they live. I have been coming home and sharing these stories with my husband. He said, You know Gena, you should be sharing these great conversations with your community.” As always, he was right! So, I am embarking on doing an on-the-road-show.
I will start an Indigogo campaign soon to raise enough money to do this much better(and for the internet shows I do). Till then I will put them together as best I can with the computer and phone I have. I hope you enjoy this first show. PLEASE give me your feedback about the show. What questions should I be asking. WHO should I be interviewing? In the next few months I will be in Philadelphia, Vancouver BC, Kalamazoo Michigan, Portland Oregon, Brooklyn NY, Beacon NY, Carmel Valley California and Connecticut  do you know women there? I hope to hear from you soon.
My email is progressiveparentingradio@gmail.com

As a bonus I am sharing this rather intimate part of my diner with Lisa. She was my doula at the birth of my second child Uma. She was born with Down Syndrome. Lisa and my midwife made an interesting decision and did not inform me that she had DS. Find out why in the video below…

3 responses to “Dinner with the Doulas

  1. I absolutely love that insight from your doula about letting moms be with special needs babies. I have only attended a handful of births (as a doula) and none have been special needs. I always wonder though, how one broaches that topic delicately when the need arises. I’ve read hospital birth stories where they have told mom right away and it is devastating news before she can even hold her baby and learn her face and fall in love..
    Wonderful perspective and something I’ll take forth on my path in birth arts. Thank you. 🙂

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