About Gena

My life as a Doula began when I gave birth to my oldest daughter 11 years ago.

Ava at work with Mommy

Back then the only thing I knew going into it was that I wanted a natural childbirth. Of course, I did not attend a childbirth education class and realized too late how ill prepared I really was.Although the nurses and my doctor were very supportive, I had a very medical experience and never knew what my choices or rights were.

Three years after that experience I was expecting again. This time around I made sure I was educated, prepared and supported. We took a six week Lamaze course and hired a Doula (she was our Lamaze instructor). What a difference having a Doula made! Our birth experience was amazing our Doula really empowered us. My husband, days after the birth was still talking about how helpful having a Doula was for him. It was his idea that I become a Doula, it seemed a natural step to him.

127  births later, I am so delighted I agreed with him. Now I’m one of a wonderful group of women dedicated  to being your companion on your journey to becoming a parent who  share their wisdom and help you find the information you need to have the kind of birth you want.

I am DONA trained

I am a certified La Leche League International Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

I served on the Board of Directors for Attachment Parenting International for 5 years

Using the ‘Hip Squeeze on a mama in labor

I write for a variety of publications on pregnancy, childbirth and newborn issues. This includes The Undercurrent,Valley Health Magazine , Totts Magazine, Whole Lifestyle Magazine Bold Action 

I teach Childbirth Education Classes

I teach Rebozo Workshops Across the Country

I am the host of Progressive Parenting Radio Program. Our show airs every Monday night at 10pm CST

I also host A number of internet TV shows. 

I am passionate about pregnancy, birth, newborns and parenting. Birth is so sacred,I am honored to be a part of such a special time in my client’s lives.

I attend home, birthing center and hospital births. I support Unassisted births in spirit but do not attend in the flesh.

My goal isn’t for you to have a natural birth. My goal is to provide you with the support you need in order to have your baby on your terms. I am there to offer information not advice, I’m there to help you discover your strength, not rescue you. Your birth is not the moment for a knight in shining armour, your birth is a time for you to discover who you are, it is a true right of passage. I serve as a witness to your progress. Women will remember the day their child is born for the rest of their lives and I want to protect those memories.

If you would like to talk with me about your pregnancy and if you are interested in having a Doula at your birth,email me.

Or call my office at 559-930-2032
My Family


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