Doula Bag

I’ve seen a lot of sites  about Doulas and you never get to hear about what the tools of the trade are. I think it’s important to understand what Doulas use and why.
The following are listed in no particular order:



Well, with the exception of my rebozo. I used to have TONS of stuff in my bag, now a days all I need is about 4 rebozos. I bring different lengths. A longer rebozo like the nine footers I special order from Guatemala  are great for belly lifts (only mama should do it to herself), and for MANY pushing positions. I have a bunch with me because you never know if it will get soiled or if you put essential oils on it, the scent she enjoys now she may hate later on.
I always give my clients their own rebozo the keep. Can you think of a better or more beautiful business card than a rebozo? My clients get a nine foot one from me. So months later, when mom/dad is at the store with their baby in her rebozo and someone says, “Wow, that’s beautiful, where did you get that?!” She will say, “My DOULA gave it to me.”
For more info on buying a nine foot rebozo see my site GENAKIRBY.COM
For more info on the rebozo see our University on PROGRESSIVE PARENTING NETWORK

THIS is one of my favorite things.
I just put two dabs of Origins mind-clearing formula on the back of moms neck, temples and earlobes. I’ve used it on the birth partner and a few nurses have asked for some themselves. They feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to melt away.
Take a deep breath to experience Peace of Mind®’s stress relieving aromas.

You can use essential oils but I really LOVE this stuff.
Nurses and doctors always comment on how yummy the room smells when they come in.

This little life saver is fantastic, this latex-free, rubberized-fabric Retro Ice Bag is soft on the skin while its watertight cap prevents leakage.

My clients rave about this for back pain. It really distracts and offers relief, it’s also great for when moms get hot and need to cool down quick. We tuck it into the rebozo.

If we use this during my clients labor they get to keep it! It’s not just great during labor here’s a bunch more stuff to use your Gal Pal Retro Ice Bag on; Natural relief for a headache, hangover or bruise has never been more stylish. Many of us remember our grandmother’s tried and true remedy of the old fashioned ice bag. Only the best for my clients! She’s working hard and deserves it!

Origins Gloom Away spray instantly refreshes and revitalizes you with the invigorating scents of Grapefruit, Mint and Sweet Orange. I love it when the nurses come in the room and comment on how nice it smells in the room. The best part however is how it relaxes mom and her partner.

More of What’s Inside:

BREATH MINTS  –  For the partner and I! Moms got enough going on, she shouldn’t be sweating our breath. I’ve had a nurse or two and even a doc and midwife ask to share! During long labors I have been known to drink coffee, you gotta have mints!

HONEY STICKS – these can be a great energy boost for moms who are NOT in the mood for food. I can put it in tea or they can have straight

BENDY STRAWS – When mama is thirsty and laboring on her side it’s hard to get her hydrated without these straws.

 PAD & PAPER – I note contractions and keep notes that help me write up her birth story. I also keep track of the other players in your story. Nurses that come and go etc.

A CHANGE OF CLOTHES- A nurse has spilled coffee on me, I have have had amniotic fluid on my jeans and new baby pee on my Doula t shirt, along with a slew of other things that happen in a birth that get on you. I have two sets of clothes I bring with just in case.

My clients also get a Daddy Scrubs Tee from me. I bring it to the hospital and give it their. It’s nice for him because it makes him feel special. I give it some hours into the birth. By then dad might appreciate a fresh something to change into and it’s a nice gift from the doula. PLUS many moms have thanked me later as they realized the Death Metal t shirt their husband had on when they left the house might not have been their first pick in OUR BABY WAS JUST BORN pictures!
Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 6.21.52 PM

MORE: hair clips, Tums with vitamin C, wipes, a split of champagne with three plastic cups (some parents like to celebrate), my iPhone & charger (it has apps to track contractions, it has a rebozo ebook, it allows me to text my mentors for second opinions and a camera to take pictures). Hand held fan, electric candles and a few thank you cards to leave for the nurses

 I also carry a copy of your birth plan and a small cooler of food;bananas, peanut butter and boiled eggs. Protein is important! 

I also carry a small briefcase of evidence based hand outs my clients can hand to their doctors to back up what their wishes are. I’ve been at this for a while so it’s pretty full. My clients bring it as if it is theirs. They have evidence on their side and it’s helped so much. I have added ACOG’s newest guidelines in their as this comes in handy when talking to an OB. Nothing like quoting what their Governing Body says..KWIM?

Want to know more about what’s new with ACOG watch this video:



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